A Name is a Name is a Name…is Needed?

I wanted to get this web site and the Facebook page up and going quickly. Consequently, I just pulled a couple of names out of the air; names that had been used in the past to describe the loose-knit group of us on the Baja.  If the group feels like there should be an official name given to our social organization, please take the opportunity to begin discussions about it here.  Leave your thoughts as a “comment” to this thread/post.  When we have a few more suggestions, I’ll run a poll and we can vote on what we’d like to call ourselves.



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  1. We love the Spanish name you have now!
    Sharron and Lynda


  2. I can’t say it but like it


  3. You picked a lovely name. Let’s keep it and get on with the blogging. Vanice


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