Casa de Fe Founder Dies Suddenly–Help Needed

Carol Spradlin, the co-founder of Casa de Fe, passed away this morning from a heart attack.  She was with Bill downtown and she collapsed. The ambulance took her to the red cross building but they were unable to revive her.  This is devastating for Bill and the girls at Casa de Fe.  Bill will continue to provide a loving home environment for these girls with Lupita and his volunteers.
Carol will be cremated and a memorial service will be held in conjunction with the fundraiser she was planning on march 28th at the El Dorado pavillion.
If you would like to help in anyway then please feel free to donate to Casa de Fe in Carol’s name. You can do this by going to their website at through paypal, or a check made out to Casa de Fe or a cash donation.  There are a few of you on this e-mail who have already made donations and Bill thanks you very much.  You can give cash or checks to me or audry.
they are in pretty good shape with food right now but if you would like to drop off something already cooked let me know. Iwill try to coordinate meals so they are not overloaded.  Pen and I provided pizza for lunch and roasted chicken dinners.
No reason for Lupita to cook for a few days.
Thanks for any help you can give to them at this time.  Please fill free to send a copy of this to your contacts that may want to help.
Submitted by Vanice & Penny

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  1. Yikes! If I had known this was going on the blog I would have used the proper capitalization. Thanks for the posting. V.


  2. Not to worry. Took care of it.


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