New Mexican Migration Law & Regulations

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The regulations for the new (2011) Migration Law for Mexico were published on 2012-Sept-28. This will affect all foreign residents, and soon-to-be residents, in Mexico.

Quick Summary

  • * No more FM3 or FM2. Just a 1 to 4 year temporary resident visas (working or non-working). After 4 years this leads to a permanent resident visa with the right to work.
  • * Should be possible to apply direct for permanent resident in some cases, without a temporary resident visa beforehand.
  • * Ownership of real estate above a certain value can qualify for a temporary visa, without requiring specific income, which can then be converted to permanent residence after four years.

Go to for a more comprehensive run down of the new law and regulation.

Original translation of the law:

Original translation of the regulations:

As Rob has noted in his artcle, the law and the regulations are poor translations.  Although not an attorney, Rob has  taken the time to give his interpretation of  items of note to American and Canadian ex-pats. It’s worth a read.


Some other good sources of  information discussion on this subject:

My Mexican Lawyer:

Baja Bound Mexican Insurance Services:

U.S. Department of State–Mexico Specific Information:


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