US Consul Whitaker to Hold “Town Meeting” in SF

Consul William Whitaker, chief of the American Citizens Services section will be visiting San Felipe on November 1st to host a town hall meeting with the expat community at El Dorado Ranch at the Pavilion from 10am to 12pm.

Is there anyone willing to attend and write up a report for this forum?  Please get back with me if you would be interested. It doesn’t matter if you feel you write well, or not.  It would be good to get an overview of why the Consul called the meeting; what points were made; and, any discussion topics.

“The purpose is to reach out to communities of American Citizens overseas
and let all know about services to American Citizens the Consulate provides and to offer an opportunity to answer questions. The topics usually
include a description of Passports, CRBAs and notarial services, Deaths and
Estates, Arrests and Detentions, Welfare and Whereabouts, Judicial assistance, Emergency Messages, Crisis Response, the STEP registration system, Voter’s Assistance information, Federal Benefits contact information, etc.

Of course, a large part of Consular Services are related to visas. This
is NOT the topic of our presentation but we do often direct these questions
to the appropriate sources for information.” –SF News

No contact information was provided.



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  1. I am willing to attend and write up a report for this forum. Linda Wilson


  2. Thanks, Linda. That would be most helpful.


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