Baja One Billion Rising T-Shirts Coming Soon

“Coming Soon!”  Be on the look out for One Billion Rising T-shirts.  If you are interested in joining the Baja One Billion Rising flash mob group and being privy to one of our very awesome T-shirts, call Linda in EDR-LVN, Sharron in EDR-LVS, or Alice in EDR-PVS to get on the list.  Or, simply leave your name and info in “Reply” below.

A quick preview of one possible style.  The slogan: Strike-Dance-Rise, will also be in Spanish: Manifiestate-Baila-Levantate.  The back will have two sayings.  One will be in English and the other in Spanish.tshirtback2

tshirt front

tshirt back


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  1. Carol Waymire

    Hi–You all are awesome! What a great t-shirt and you’ve been doing outreach for participants! Congrats. I’ll send an email to Sharron to order a shirt, even tho I can’t attend. Carol


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