Nov 25: Agenda Items

The following are suggested discussion topics:
1. Where to hold monthly luncheon get togethers in December, January, February, and March. Restaurant suggestions.
2. Monthly lesbian film, discussion & popcorn night. ?? Is anyone interested?
3. Continued involvement in 1 billion rising project? Yea or nay?

Please feel free to provide your thoughts in the reply section below. It’s easy, just click on reply and start typing in the box provided. If you have other things you would like to being up for the group to talk about, please feel free to do so here.


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  1. So sorry we won’t be down to lunch and have Baja fun with you all. ;((
    But we will be back in Feb so will join on then…

    Film nite sounds great!

    The dance project is worthy of continuing

    Love, D


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