Desert Mothers Program Expands Focus

Since the creation of Desert Mothers we have had the dream of opening a center for creative arts expressly for our diverse San Felipe community.  The new Community Creativity Center will expand the original focus of Desert Mothers to include  men, women and children of San Felipe.  It will also be open to full and part time non-native residents and visitors to San Felipe.

Desert Mothers will remain unchanged, but now, because of our access to many creative tools and materials,  we will add a space where people of all ages and cultures can come together to learn and experience many art forms including: ceramics, mosaics, mask creation, metal art, jewelry making, sewing, furniture making, glass fusing, glass etching, and tile making.  In addition to our focus on the arts, space will be available for offering classes in self-improvement, such as: yoga, meditation, dancing, exercise, nutrition, spiritual guidance,book clubs, games, etc.

Our goal is to provide a special space for everyone in the community to come and build relationships while exploring and sharing their talents.

How Can I Use the Community Center?

The Center is here for YOU to use. You can learn new skills or art forms; share your skills by teaching a class; or, rent space for your own individual art project. All of this is available to you through easy membership plans.  Become a patron member, or, a sponsor member by the hour, day, week, month, or year.  If you teach a class, the space is rented for a nominal fee, while you get to keep the rest of the proceeds. As a non-profit organization, we want to keep this affordable and profitable for everyone.


We are looking for teachers, instructors, and volunteers to help out.   If you would like to give back to the San Felipe community, please give me a call, or, send me an email.

Donna Roberts

  • Email:
  • Land Line: 576-0089
  • Mx Cell: 686-169-5267








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