Hermanas Do Desert Run


photo by Sharron

On Tuesday, December 3, a group of us decided to do a short shake-down run out to Little El Cajon Falls for a picnic–approximately 60 miles round trip. Four desert vehicles took off from Road 23 in EDR at around 10 am. We included two sand rails, a Polaris Razor, and a Jeep Rubicon.  L&S and L&L wanted to see what problems their rails might have developed after being stored over a very hot summer; Patricia wanted to see how her brand new Razor handled the roads and the off-road sand; Wendy and her friends wanted to test their brand new Jeep Rubicon on rough roads; and, Pat L just wanted to get out of dodge and do something different for a few hours!  We are pleased to say that all of the rigs did very well.  No problems at all.


photo by Sharron

We made it out to the gate to Little El Cajon Falls at a nice pace, making two stops to check in with everyone and to see the condition of Morelia Junction and the “Dead Cow.”  There have been two major  off-road races (Baja Score 1000 and CODE)  through these roads, and, several major rain storms, so we anticipated they might be pretty rough.  Surprisingly enough, the roads were actually in very good shape.

Photo by Sharron

Photo by Sharron

After a very relaxing and entertaining lunch — of sandwiches and tortilla wraps made with ingredients from the Road Runner Deli — at the turn-around gate into LECF, we loaded back up and returned to EDR at about 3 pm.


photo by Linda

I think I can safely say that a good time was had by all!  –Linda


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