Week in Review: Or, What Rumors are Flying Now?

From time to time we will bring readers a slice of some of the major (and minor) rumors floating around EDR and the North Beach communities. We will attempt to elaborate (and, speculate) on some of these stories to get at what might be something close to the truth. But, we don’t guarantee a hundred percent accuracy.  Final judgment is left to the reader. We encourage our readers to jump in and further illuminate or elaborate on a story. Chances are, you know a lot more than we do!

If you have rumor-worthy items you would like to include, please feel free to mention them in the comments, or, pass them along to bajasisters@gmail.com, or, contact us so that you, too, can become an author!

EDR HOA Manager Cliff Ulman Given the Boot

Short answer: I know, I know, some of you out there would like to hear that this rumor is true.  But, it is Untrue.

Longer answer:  Official word is that Cliff Ulman has resigned.  What precipitated the resignation is still under investigation. Some speculate  it is because many of the EDR staff have been asked to take a ten percent salary reduction, including Mr. Ulman.  But, reliable sources say that in Mr. Ulman’s case, he was offered a better job working on the Mainland for a tequila company. (Yes,  you read that correctly.)

The following is a copy of the official letter from the EDR head shed:

January 17, 2014

In response to Pat Butler’s notice of Cliff Ulman’s resignation notice, we would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Cliff for all his very significant contributions and accomplishments during the past nine years at El Dorado Ranch.  Cliff’s decision is his as he wanted to continue to explore other avenues of opportunity.  The Supervisory Committee’s are already working in concert with Roberto Islas, the new Administrator, to ensure both a smooth transition and that the projects in the “pipeline” will proceed without interruption.

 We wish Cliff all the very best in his future, and welcome Roberto Islas to the El Dorado Ranch HOAs.

 El Dorado Ranch Supervisors 

El Dorado Ranch La Ventana Del Mar Las Villas 

Steve Kimmey, Denise Laven, Michael Schwartz, Ed Jones, Hans Wildschutte, Gary V. Lambert, Bob Miller

Roberto Islas was managing the Red Lobster, another of Pat Butler’s holdings.


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