Amazing Ramada for Sale


Avoid This!

Large ladrilla brick ramada in Los Viajeros South—Solar Area

LVS 6150 021-10

Approximately 40′ long, 26′ wide. Divided lengthwise into two sections—one for a living area. The second for parking a trailer or motorhome; Ceiling height is approx 11′.

It has:

  •  2 solar panels, batteries, an inverter—(solar installed and maintained by Solar Express.)
  •  a bathroom with toilet, shower and a hot water heater.
  •  2 large glass windows, 2 smaller windows, solar screening
  •  a walk on roof with wrought iron railing.
  •  a small garage.

Asking $24,500.

Email Carol Waymire or Jan Owen at or call 928 468 1115 or 323 333 1296.



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