Avoid A Tragedy, ID Your Pets!

This last week has seen an increase in the number of lost and found dogs in the area.  This can partially be attributed to the increased numbers of visitors last week with the race, as well as to all of the fireworks associated with the race and carnival. This has prompted a reminder of the importance of identification tags and collars on our dogs.

Thanks to Kip and Nell for this great reminder video clip on the importance of micro-chipping your dog(s).


Although it is an extremely good idea to micro-chip, please remember that Mexico does NOT recognize micro-chipping, yet. None of their “veterinarians” or “shelters” have access to the devices that read micro-chips. So, while here on the Baja, be sure to attach a pet identification tag to your dog’s collar With CURRENT information.
The following is a list of recommended information to include:
1.Your last name,

2.Your Mexican phone number (take care to ensure it is current),

3.Your U.S. Phone number (if you have a cell number),

4.Your Mexican address or neighborhood (i.e. EDR, Pete’s Camp, etc)

5.(optional) Reward or Recompensa.

If your dog requires medication, be sure to include a separate tag with the medical information. Examples: Necesita medicina para (name of ailment), or, Es sorda (deaf). This information is particularly helpful should your dog be recovered by an ex-pat or visitor to the area.

Finally, because we are living in a more technologically savy era, take a minute to investigate a service called Pet Hub. They offer a QR code identification tag for a nominal fee. The information provided on the QR code can be updated by you whenever your information changes. The QR code can be read by any smartphone or tablet with a QR code reader. Of course, the QR code tag is worthless should your dog be picked up by someone who hasn’t a clue what the code is all about.  So, your best bet is still your straight forward run-of-the-mill ID tag!

If you have other suggestions to add, please feel free to post them here.


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