Las Hermanas Best Bets of San Felipe

As the 2013-2014 snowbird season begins to wind down, we find ourselves reflecting on the many memorable moments we have experienced and the  people, services, and events that contributed to those memories.  Consequently, it’s time to throw out our two cents worth and commemorate all those people and establishments with the First Annual Las Hermanas Best Bets of San Felipe Survey.

From March 25 through April 1 we will be accepting nomination for the following categories:

  • Best Bet All-Around SF “Hang-Out” Restaurant
  • Best Bet SF Night-On-The-Town Restaurant
  • Best Bet Downtown SF Restaurant
  • Best Bet New SF Restaurant
  • Best Bet SF Bar to Hang-Out with Sisters
  • Best Bet Haircut
  • Best Bet Market
  • Best Bet Holistic Healthcare Provider
  • Best Bet Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Best Bet Hardware Store
  • Best Bet Fishing/Clamming Beach
  • Best Bet Dog Beach
  • Best Bet Medical Doctor
  • Best Bet Dentist
  • Best Bet “Segundo”
  • Best Bet Local Event for 2013-2014 Season (example: Steak in the Park, Paella Festival, etc.)

Once all nominations have been gathered, we will have an on-line poll in April to determine the winners of each category.   Please send your nominations to:




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