New Italian Restaurant


Three different pizza sauces. Pictured here, a white sauce.

Dining out on something besides fish tacos and carne asada can–in some years–be a bit of a challenge in San Felipe. Consequently, when we got word that there was a new Italian restaurant in town,  we were naturally curious. Jim, the owner/chef, of El Padrino, hails from New York. An ex-member of “New York’s finest,” Jim has been living in San Felipe for many years. He helps out with the San Felipe rowing club and, we were pleased to discover, can sure cook a mean pizza! We understand he also does a great Stromboli  and fettuccini Alfredo. But, we didn’t get a chance to try those items.

The place is clean and the service is first rate.  The pizza comes in one size–huge.  The pizza dough is made with pizza flour from the States. We understand the calzone and the Stromboli are easily enough for two people to share. We also tried an order of  El Padrino’s signature “garlic balls.” 🙂 if you like garlic, olive oil and crispy bread, you are sure to like it!

They currently have a beer license and are awaiting a wine license. They hope to feature wines from Santo Tomas Vineyard in the Guadalupe Valley.

We recommend you give it a try  if you haven’t had a chance yet!


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