Hurricane Odile Brings Life-Threatening Impacts to Baja California

Hope all our girlfriends who are in San Felipe have made adequate preparations for Hurricane Odile. Those of us who are not down there will be thinking of you and sending good and safe energy.

Please, if you can, keep those of us Stateside and in Canada posted as to your status and well being. We will be worried about you.

Hurricane Odile Brings Life-Threatening Impacts to Baja California.

We have seen reports that you may receive up to 12 inches of rain. With phone service and satellite service outages a strong possibility,  we assume you have made plans to check in with one another and have made emergency plans to help out if needed. We are probably preaching to the choir, but, we are concerned for all of our Baja Hermanas!!


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  1. Thanks for your concern. The last tropical storm skipped over us and washed out phoenix. We will let you know how it goes. Hope all is well with you folks. Vanice and Penny


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