Update on Baja and Hurricane Odile

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 Hurricane Odile

As power, water, internet and phone service is restored in Baja, we are receiving updates on the extensive damage.

Updates from at the scene sources:

  • San Quintin – missed completely, no impact, no rain. San Quintin Fishing Tournament still on schedule.
  • Hwy 1 flooded at Catavina.
  • Hwy 1 flooded at Vizcaino.
  • Mulege – Houses wiped away, no electricity or gas, roads are flooded and covered with mud. Two stores are open Pangueno and Ayluths.
  • LA Bay – The Village is ok but the road is closed due to flooding.
  • Loreto – Most power, water and phones are restored. Trees and power lines down. Military cleaning up. Driver made it from La Paz to Loreto yesterday. Road passable but one lane in places. They are bussing people from Cabo to Loreto to fly back to the US.
  • Ivan of Santa Rosalia Baja Sur – “We are OK, but the hurricane Odile passed over here Sept 15 all night, We won’t have water until 2 weeks more, and some people lost their roofs.  The hurricane was one of the most destructive over the last years on Baja.”
  • Los Barriles – Water across the Buenas Aires Arroyo has stopped flowing. Concrete road is passable with some cracks. Lots of downed trees and trash everywhere. Gas rationing at the local Pemex station.
  • There is a collapsed bridge south of Los Barriles so the road to San Jose is impassable as of right now.





Santa Rosalia





 Relief Effort

Vagabundos is making a donation to this Baja Bush Pilots relief effort. We will also try to bring items down during the San Quintin fishing tournament. Baja Bush Pilots is well known for their good deeds over the many years. If you can donate to this worthy cause, click on the link, or send your donations to the Vagabundos office. We are also a non-profit, tax exempt, organization and will see the funds are received at the proper place. http://www.bushpilotsinternational.com/page.php?name=Make_a_Donation

From Baja Bush Pilots

All airspace and airports in mid to south Baja are closed.

Claudia is in continual contact with SENAM regarding the status of airports in Baja.  All airspace in the affected area of the hurricane as well as the following airports are closed to civilian traffic via a Presidential mandated International NOTAM through September 22. This closure may be extended without notice.
-Los Cabos (San Jose del Cabo)           -Cabo San Lucas          -La Paz           -Loreto

Mexico’s Military has taken control of the above airports and only Mexican military aircraft will be allowed to land/depart from those airports.  Any aircraft violating the airspace or attempting to land at any of the above airports will be grounded at that airport until the national emergency is over.

This emergency is so extreme that the military has taken control of all phases of the situation and at this time, has not called in any of its resources including the Mexican Red Cross. Claudia and I are in the process of ramping up in anticipation of a call from the Mexican Red Cross.  At that time we will be asking for medical support, relief items, as well as aircraft/helicopters and pilots.

With the Cabo, LaPaz, and Guerrero Negro having airports, we anticipate that our needs will be in mid Baja where there is little transportation. We anticipate that we will be requested to obtain and deliver supplies as well as do search & rescue from the Mulege area.  Last year the BBP had to hire a loader, grader, and a dump truck to get the strip at Mulege usable.  I have to assume it will be the same this year.  Punta Chivato and Palo Verde should be open however, the roads to both will be impassable.

Once our help is requested, I plan to drive to Guaymas where I will take the ferry to Santa Rosalia.  There I will assess the damage and either drive (questionable) or hitch a ride in a military aircraft to Mulege where I will start the process of determining where a landing area should be set up.  At that point, I will put out a call for people to bring down relief items.

This will be another long and complicated mission however it is something that we just have to do.
We believe our needs will be for:
*Pilots w/aircraft to solicit relief goods and supplies and to bring these goods to either Loreto or the landing area at Mulege when called for
*Pilots w/helicopters to work the back areas
Regarding money, in the past I was able to get Mexico to pay for some fuel and landing fees however, that happened about three weeks into the operation.  At this point, all will have to pay their own expenses.
That being said, anticipating another national emergency, we set up the Bush Pilot Foundation two years ago.  It is a tax deductible 501 (c) (3) corporation and is dedicated to, among other things, general aviation including search and rescue, evacuation, and disaster relief through the transport and distribution of food and supplies in the United States and countries in the western hemisphere to provide humanitarian services in time of need.  At this time it has a little over $5,000
We are looking for donations for this cause.  The BBP has contributed over $10,000 for relief efforts in the past.  The BBP does not have that kind of money now.  Your help in funding our efforts is critical. Please send an email to the BBP office if you can help out regarding our aircraft/relief needs.
If you can help out with money, our attorney indicates that you can use your credit card to contribute and we will move that deposit into the Foundation account.
Our hearts go out to the people of Baja and how they must be suffering.  The BBP is stepping up to the plate and hopeful that all who enjoy the pleasure, people, and friendship that we gain in Mexico will also step up and donate to this critical cause.



Bush Pilot Foundation

149 W Boston Street
Chandler, AZ, 85225

Our hearts go out to the people of Baja and how they must be suffering.  The BBP is stepping up to the plate and hopeful that all who enjoy the pleasure, people, and friendship that we gain in Mexico will also step up and donate to this critical cause.




Information About Evacuations

 The Mexican Army is in the process of transporting American citizens stranded at three airports in Baja California Sur (Airport Cabo San Lucas, the International Airport of San Jose del Cabo, and the Manuel Márquez de León International Airport in La Paz.) Military Forces are advising that any American citizen wishing to be evacuated, should go to the nearest airport and as soon as possible. For more information on these flights, please contact local authorities. Flights have been arriving in Tijuana, Mazatlan, Guadalajara and Mexico City. American government officials at these airports are offering additional assistance to their fellow citizens.

For American citizens affected by Hurricane Odile or their families:
The Department of State has established a hotline to answer any questions about current conditions and their loved ones in the disaster area. If you require personal assistance, or desire information about a friend or loved one, please use the following contact information:

From the United States & Canada: 1-888-407-4747

From Abroad: 1 202-501-4444
Email: OdileEmergencyUSC@state.gov





 Links and Resources

A huge THANKS to all the members, family members and friends

that have called, emailed or posted on Facebook with information!


Baja Pony Express


Baja Insider


Gringo Gazette


National Hurricane Center




San Diego Union Tribune (Ensenada Toll Road)



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