Seaport Airlines Makes First Scheduled Flight to SF

sfairport terminalThe following is a report by Margaret Reish Downing,  which first appeared in the Baja South Campos Amigos page.  Margaret was one of the passengers on Seaport’s inaugural flight.

Seaport Airlines Inaugural Flight San Diego to San Felipe Trip Reportsignage

By now, most of you have seen many photos of the Seaport Airlines 9 passenger Cessna which completed its maiden voyage from San Diego to San Felipe on December 15th, as well as snapshots of its passengers, the dignitaries, and the celebrations on both sides of the border. Commercial air service between San Diego and San Felipe will be such a boon to travelers going either direction! I loved being in on the fun of this first flight. It was especially gratifying to hear the applause of the hundreds of members of the San Felipe community standing on the tarmac and inside the terminal as the Cessna landed and taxied to a stop.

I’ve been asked many questions about the flight:

1. How was it? The flight was smooth. The weather was calm: We did not experience turbulence, and if we had, it would have been no more unsettling than being jostled around on an airliner. So, do not worry about lightening strikes or vortexes of any description! Of course once seated, you cannot get up and walk around. Actually, you cannot walk around even when you are walking around; you must climb up a short ladder-like stairway, duck your head when you enter the plane, and make your way to a seat. Seats are equipped with car-style seat belts. Unless you are sitting behind the co-pilot, you will not have a seat mate.
2. How was it really? ¡Fantástico! Flying over San Diego, seeing Pt Loma from both sides, staring down at seaportlanding.sf2Baja’s mountain tops, spotting the Sea of Cortez in the distance, and finally, cruising over San Felipe: What views!
Altitude is low enough for a really good look at the landscape, but not quite as close to the ground as our San Felipe ultralite!
3. What was the movie? Very funny.
arialview24. What does it cost? My ticket cost about $127; $89 for the flight, and the rest for taxes. In addition, anyone without some kind of residency status in Mexico must pay $25 CASH to the Customs Authorities at the San Felipe Airport for a tourist permit, even if returning to San Diego on the next flight that same day. Check out for prices and other information; remember that the flights to and from San Felipe are at present only available on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.arial view1 ofsf
5. Were there any surprises? Yes, an unpleasant one. At check-in, I was asked how much I weigh. This wasn’t the lady at the DMV asking, so I couldn’t lie!

Photos by Margaret Reish Downing and Seaport


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