Fight Continues Re Gay Marriage In Mexicali

imageIn other news of the area, according to La Cronica, Senator Marco Antonio Blásquez Salinas, citing the human rights guaranteed by the First Article to the Mexican Constitution, demanded today in Mexico City that Víctor Manuel Aguirre Espinoza y Víctor Fernando Urías be allowed to marry in Baja California.

The two men traveled to Mexico City to plead their case.  They claim they are the victims of homophobia and double standards in Mexicali.  They slammed the Party National Action (PAN) political party that governs Baja California. PAN opposes marriage equality.

The Mexican Supreme Court ruled, in June of 2014, in favor of the right of homosexual and lesbians to marry.   The marriage has been blocked on several occassions by the Mayor of Mexicali, Jaime Díaz Ochoa and other city council members.  The first time because the paper work was “not in order.”  The second time, because of a bomb threat in the building.  And, the third time because  the official marriage counselor for the city refused to certify that they had completed her course – although, they did– and she filed a complaint contending that they were crazy–“locos.” Senator Marco Antonio Blasquez Salinas was confident Mayor Dias Ochoa would rescind his position. The mayor and other officials may face criminal charges.

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