19 Hits on Gas & Diesel Pipelines in Less than 2 Years

Photo of a Pemex refinerySince 2013, Pemex has experienced nineteen covert efforts to steal gas and diesel from the Baja California distribution pipelines. These efforts to siphon fuel have created spills that not only damage the environment, but, are causing big financial losses for the Mexican economy.

The most recent of these stealing operations occurred yesterday around 5 a.m. about 700 feet from the Mexicali-Tijuana Highway around Km 28. A large explosion and a fire occurred as fuel was dumped into Laguna Salada. The thieves fled on foot leaving their red Ford 250 PU with containers for collecting the fuel (License BP 76829) behind. This particular pipeline carries premium gas. No one was injured in the explosion or in the efforts to put out the flames.

Fuel spill at Laguna Salada

Photo by La Cronica

In December of 2012, five such covert siphoning operations occurred on the Mexicali-Rosarito Pipeline. No one has yet been app
In Tecate, where most of the gas and diesel stealing occurs, the losses for the Mexican oil industry have been in the millions. Some speculate that it is Cartel related and that much of what is siphoned off is illegally transported into the United States to be sold on the gasoline black market.

During 2013 and 2014, PROFEPA (the Mexican Federal Environmental Protection Agency) responded to 34 environmental emergencies, fifteen of which had to do with covert oil diversion activities. Also during those two years, eleven pipelines carrying gasoline and four carrying diesel were reported to have been hit.


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