Gas Price Protest in SF

As most of you have already heard, this morning at approximately 9 a.m about 50 people staged a rally at Los Arcos to protest the price of gasoline in San Felipe.  Protesters are demanding that the prices we pay here come more in line with the prices that are paid in Mexicali.

People blocked the entrance side of the road into town, while vehicles were used to block the exit from town.  Only one police car unit was on hand to observe the demonstration.

Protesters say that they will block the main northerly access into San Felipe for 30 minute intervals until government authorities arrange to hear their complaints.

At this writing, no specific gas stations have been target today.

The protesters are expected to target the area where the 90th Anniversary of San Felipe will be celebrated.

Mayor, Jaime Diaz Ochoa is expected to meet with demonstrators today in San Felipe some time after 9 a.m.

Note to LHDD reporters:  If you see or hear of any demonstrations, please take a moment to post your observations in as “real-time” as you can.  Thanks.


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