LVN & LVS Host 5th Annual Valentine’s Day Brunch

I-Love-Women-Gay-Pride-Flag-Colors_smallJust a reminder that this year’s Valentine’s Day Brunch, hosted by LVN and LVS, will be held Saturday, February 14th. As usual it will take place at EDR in Los Viajeros Norte on road 23. Our friendly, expert neighborhood bar tenders hope to be back in time to add a little salsa to the event. Please bring your own shots of coffee. Water is available. Please spread the word to new (and old) lesbians in the area. They are all welcome.

Because the Paella Festival is being held this year on V-day, we have decided to start a little earlier this year. So make sure you change the time on your calendar from the usual 10 a.m. start time to 9:00 a.m. We’d appreciate everyone getting that change out to our community, too.

This is a tradition that dates back at least a decade.  It originated in LVS hosted by Jan and Carol.  It has only recently become an LVS & LVN hosted event.

Rainbow HeartTo reiterate:

Valentine’s Day Brunch

Saturday, February 14
9:00 a.m.

EDR — LVN — RD 23



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  1. FYI the Blueroadrunner website says the Paella Festival is March 14, 2015. Quien sabe? I like the 9:00 am start in any case.


  2. Peggy and I wouldn’t miss it! What can we bring?




  3. I have a wedding to go to but I will stop by for a short time Do you need anything? Donna


  4. @Dinah: Lisbeth wants to know if you want to become honorary members of LVN & LVS? If so, we would love to have you bring your Baja famous cheese grits. 😉 Otherwise, thanks…just yourselves!!
    @Donna: All we need is a hug from you!
    @Carol: The flyer we saw was from EDR…less than readable with these eyes…could have sworn we read Feb 14. But, wouldn’t be surprised if it was Mar 14. No worries. With it heating up like it is, I think we will be happier with a 9 am start time anyway.


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