Equestrian Facility Tour for Baja Sisters

equestrian center On February 24th, Lynn and Paco have invited our group to a tour of the new horse facility that they are creating in our desert. It is located on the northwestern area of EDR and has been sanctioned by EDR developer, Pat Butler. Lynn and Paco are private concessionaires and no HOA fees are used to support this venture.

The event will begin at 3:30 pm on February 24th and consists of an equestrian center tour–including meeting all the critters. Lynn and Paco will share information on how this wonderful facility is being made possible, as well as their future plans. A potluck BBQ and bonfire will follow. With a little luck, there will also be some singing around the old campfire. Star gazing will be a special treat as the sky out there is amazing.



  • A chair,

  • plate & utensils,

  • what you would like to BBQ, and,

  • a side dish to share.

  • Beer, tea, sangria, and water will be provided.

prohibidoperrosDogs: NO DOGS on this activity, PLEASE! There is a guard dog at the equestrian center. Although she is people friendly, she may not be so happy to see your dogs. For everyone’s safety and comfort, leave your dog(s) at home.

RSVP required to: sunic12@hotmail.com



LHDD-membersonly*This Activity is limited to Las Hermanas del Desierto Members.



Disclaimer:  The following poll is anonymous and informal.  It may or may not reflect accurate numbers interested in attending.


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