Tour of the Cheese Caves

macelo-cheese-caveFor a culinary Baja adventure, set aside Thursday, February 26th to visit the Cheese Caves of the Baja.

Here’s a little sample of what to expect:

Traveling in Mexico is always an adventure. Signage is, as they say, not so much. After reaching kilometer 43.5 off of highway 3, continue down the paved road until it turns to dirt and drive another 3 kilometers and follow the signs for Cava de Marcelo.

You won’t see any signs that you have arrived,  so continue past the cows and milking facilities until you see a grass area with a wooden structure and picnic benches. You’ll be greeted and offered coffee or tea. If it happens to be chilly you’ll also be offered blanket for your lap or shoulders.

The guided tour begins with a short walk to the cheese making facility. This includes a visit to the Halston cows, milking areas and explanation of the process of the art of making cheese. During this part of the tour, you’ll have a chance to try a few butters and fresh cheeses.

Next, a walk to the cheese cave building. The interior is dimly lit with just a few windows on the entrance level and is decorated with photos of the many generations of the Romenetti family. They have been making artisanal cheeses by hand since 1911 and use a recipe from Uruguay that dates back to 1750. They currently produce 6 tons of cheese a month.

chees-cave-cavaHead downstairs to the cave where you will find a dim room with café style tables. The walls are encased glass shelves with cheese in the various stages of the aging process. In fact there are up to 10,000 cheeses in the cave that see no natural light. The cave’s humidity, temperature and darkness are what create the ideal temperature for the aging process. Now for the really fun part. Take a seat at one of the many tables and prepare for a cheese and wine tasting. You’ll taste cheeses aging from 5 months to 3 years accompanied with green apple, homemade jam and bread.

After the cheese tasting make your way outside to the picnic tables for lunch. Cava de Marcelo serves a full lunch –most prepared on an outdoor grill. Enjoy sangria, beer, lemonade or another glass of wine. Start with the Grilled Portabello Mushrooms with melted basil cheese or roasted tomatoes with fresh basil served with bread and habanero chili. The grilled sardines with a ricotta sauce made up of tomatoes, cactus and raspberry vinegar and topped with spinach and cracked chili powder are amazing. Also delicious is the smoked marlin served cold on bread with capers and onions with an accompanying salad. These are just some of the delicious choices.

To truly enjoy the Cava de Marcelo experience plan to spend about three to four hours.

The group will line-up for a caravan to Cava de Marcelo at the Pemex station (by the Crocodile) at 9:45 a.m.  The caravan will depart at 10 a.m.  It is an approximately three hour drive over there.  Please bring $10 to tour the facility and $$ for the BBQ.

RSVP:  email:, or, catch Diane & Beck.   

Car-pooling is encouraged.

DOGS: If you bring your dog(s), we do not know if they will be allowed to walk on leash on the premises. So, be prepared for them to sit in the car.  AND, it is imperative that you BRING A LEASH, POOP BAGS, WATER, WATER DISH, SHADE CLOTH OF SOME KIND AND TREATS should you have to bring the pups along.  Remember that leaving dogs in hot cars, kills.  Be prepared to make sure they are comfortable.



*This Activity is limited to Las Hermanas del Desierto Members.



Disclaimer:  The following poll is anonymous and informal.  It may or may not reflect accurate numbers interested in attending.


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