Saint Pat’s Day Bash

shamrock.flagsWeather permitting, Susan and Alice will host a St. Patrick’s Day get-together starting at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, March 17 at their place in Palos Verde South, EDR. Bring an appetizer (Preferably something “green”…. but, don’t everyone bring guacamole!), your beverage of preference, and a chair.  A bonfire is planned if winds are calm. More information pending, or, contact Susan or Alice.



*A Las Hermanas del Desierto Members Only Activity




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  1. kathleen gallagher....686-211-9265

    Is Palos Verde the first left after the swap meet area. Would asking for the phone # be appropriate?


    • Hi Kathleen
      I’m responding only because I believe many gals are on the trip to Gonzaga this week. So, do not know who is around to reply.
      This is how I would get there if I were coming from the South: Take highway 5 north to El Dorado Ranch. About a mile before reaching the main entrance (where the swap meet is held), turn west (left) at the road by the La Taza coffee shop and real estate office. (There is also a storage area behind the coffee shop that you can’t miss.) It’s a dirt road. Take the dirt road just past the storage area. Turn right at the small guard house onto the Ranch. Just as you come out of the guard house you will see a road on your left that goes by the Ranch’s fenced in storage area. Ignore that road. Continue on until you see the first possible “legitimate” road with a street sign on your left. Turn left there. Continue down this road (it will curve a bit) until you see a group of RVs on your right. Alice and Susan have the first lot on the RV street. You will see their RV and their place is called “El Nido” (there is a sign).
      I’m sure it would be fine if you called them. Confess I do not have their number, though. I’m certain that someone who does will reply here as well.
      Hope I haven’t muddied the waters. 🙂 Linda


      • kathleen gallagher....686-211-9265

        Linda, Thank you very much for the directions and comment….kathleen galllagher


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