EDR “Original” Juanito’s Cantina ReOpens

For those of you who haven’t heard, Juanito’s has reopened.  A group of us decided to try it out on Thursday night, March 6th.  We had heard mixed reviews.  So, we have to admit to being a little apprehensive.  However, it turned out to be a wonderful evening.

It was great to be back in our familiar old stomping grounds and to see so many old friends from the older neighborhoods.  The band was a roadhouse variety of country western (Sorry, didn’t catch their name.)  They were quite good; very reminiscent of old style El Dorado Ranch entertainment.  Even more heartening was to see some of the “original” EDR line dancing gals up and line dancing!

We had arrived relatively early in the evening and snagged a good table before the larger groups began arriving.  The place was packed.  It appeared as if the establishment had not anticipated such a large turnout.  Service was okay for us, but, looked a little on the slow side for others.  Ken and Julie, the owners of Juanito’s,  have opted to go with a “dual choice” style menu.  In other words, each night customers can select from one of two main entrees. And, there are a ton of possible appetizers available as well, should you choose to simply have a drink and a little something to nibble on. We were delighted and amused to see quail back on the menu.  That hasn’t been an option around here since the old Juanito’s.  I might also add that they have a full bar and their wine selection is fairly good, for having just reopened.

Since we went on Thursday, we had an option of ribs or chicken.  It was served with a side of coleslaw, baked beans, and a half an ear of corn.  The sauce for the ribs and chicken was quite tasty.  It is apparently an “in house” recipe of Julie’s.  Our chicken and ribs were cooked beautifully.  However, people who ordered later in the evening complained that their ribs were burned.  I wouldn’t let this discourage you from giving Juanito’s a try.  As with all new restaurants, they will have to work out some of the “first days kinks.”

As the menu below indicates, they are opened Thursday through Monday, 1 p.m. until 9 p.m.  We give this restaurant a “Baja Sister 4 stars” for old timer ambiance, entertainment, and a good attempt at providing good food.  We will be trying it out again on a Friday night to see what they do with the seafood!  If anyone else goes, please let us know!  Comment below, or, better still, write an article about your experience! (hint, hint)



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