EDR Has New Investor

Just in off of the SF chatter pages:

Stephanie Summers from Mississippi has signed on as the new EDR investor.  Rumor suggests that even though she is in for 50%, Butler will continue to run the show.  At the Developer meeting on the 3rd of November, it was implied that completion of all past projects will begin immediately, with a 6 month deadline for getting everything done. (Holding ones breath is not recommended quite yet.)  It is not clear which projects are on the docket for completion. Perhaps those of you who attended the meeting could be so kind as to give us all an update.

In the meantime, the following is a brief bio of Ms. Summers.  Any thoughts that she might be interested in joining the Nasty Baja Mujeres Group should be considered a stretch. But, having said that…stranger things have happened.


Biography of Stephanie Summers, CEO, DTC

Stephanie Summers’ life journey evolved from her birth place in Jackson, Mississippi – through the oil fields in Yazoo City, Mississippi, into full time employment as the Chief Operating Officer of the largest minority mental health care company in Mississippi owned by her father, to becoming a successful businesswoman involved in International Business. Exposed to business as a child, Stephanie has always been dedicated to the achievement of excellence. Her business spirit is inspired through the legacy of her maternal grandfather, George W. Stutts, Sr., who owned the first oil producing wells in Mississippi and her motivation comes from her paternal grandfather, Business Pioneer and Philanthropist, William James Summers, owner of the late Summers Hotel and home of one of the acclaimed “Mississippi Juke Joints”, Subway Lounge, in Jackson, Mississippi. Her first real exposure to Capitol Hill and the integral activities of politics was in 1987, as a Congressional Intern for Former U.S. House of Representative, Mike Espy (D2-Mississippi), later U.S Secretary of Agriculture. In 1998, Stephanie ventured out and with her first husband and founded Diversified Trade Company, LLC. As Chief Executive Officer of Diversified Trade Company, LLC, Stephanie has assisted several U.S. and foreign companies to increase their market share both in the domestic and foreign markets and assisted foreign governments and private companies to implement economic development plans. Offering business development services and international trade management, Stephanie has traveled throughout the United States, the continent of Africa, Europe and Asia, the Caribbean, Canada and Mexico From 1999 and for four (4) years, Stephanie was a Board Member of the Small Business Exporters Association, a trade advocacy association in Washington, D.C. that represented the interests of over 25,000 U.S small business exporters. As a Board Member, Stephanie worked with Exim Bank, OPIC and U. S. Members of Congress to encourage the development of programs that favor the interests of U.S small businesses. This work included issuing the opinions about the reauthorization of EXIMBANK. Stephanie is a dynamic speaker and has been a presenter for USDA Agricultural Marketing Outreach conferences and has given numerous presentations, including “Business Development for Inventors”, “Farm Management to Enhance Marketability” and “Market Information: How to Find It and Use It”, which was published in the Agriculture Marketing Outreach Training Manual, USDA, 1999. In 2000, Stephanie was one of only thirty (30) companies represented to participate in the National Trade Education Tour with the Former U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Honorable William Daley. In September 2003, Stephanie was a U.S. NGO delegate to the World Trade Organization’s 5th Ministerial Conference hosted in Cancun, Mexico. Eager to make a difference in the lives of Mississippians, Stephanie was heavy in politics. In 2004, Stephanie was a Republican Candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, District 2, Mississippi. Active in Mississippi politics, Stephanie was a Co-Chairman of the Inauguration for Governor, Mississippi, Haley Barbour and was a Mississippi delegate for the 2004 Republican National Convention. Recognized by Mississippi as one of Mississippi’s most successful businesswomen, Stephanie was chosen to be one of Mississippi’s “50 Leading Business Women 2004” by the Mississippi Business Journal. In 2011, she was featured in Forbes, January 2011 Issue, Mississippi Women in Business. In 2015, Stephanie began the execution of the expansion and growth plan of Diversified Trade Company, LLC (DTC). She made some hard choices and some personal and financial sacrifices and began to reshape DTC into a holding company. Her first acquisition targets were oil and gas companies. Her goal is to create one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world during the downturn of the industry. Currently, Stephanie has ownership in companies with assets in real estate, oil and natural gas reserves, industrial minerals, mining and exploration, construction, manufacturing, health care, financial services, and transportation. Stephanie is a Hampton University graduate and the proud mother of one daughter.–PDF bio found on Google

Linda Whedbee (emphasis mine)


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