Nasty Baja Mujeres Get Together

imageThe U.S. elections were a source of great disappointment for many American women this year. We had hoped to be cheering for the first woman president in U.S. History. Instead we found ourselves confronted with the election of a man who does not share any of our values of inclusion and of equal rights for all. We were shocked and disheartened that Americans supported a man who, by his own admission, does not treat women with respect. In addition, he and his supporters are clear that LGBT citizens are not entitled to equal protection under the law. Our recent Supreme Court triumph allowing us to marry has been viewed by the president-elect, his supporters, and administrative staff as needing to be rescinded.


We had started 2016 with optimism and are now ending the year feeling afraid and concerned for the future–for ourselves and for other minorities. We found ourselves perplexed as to how all of this has come to be. Rather than becoming mired in despair, we decided to bring our community together for an event that allowed us to create a support group and vent our frustrations. In so doing, we have begun the process of moving forward.

On December 9, the “Nasty Baja Mujeres” got together to share our frustrations regarding recent events. We called our time together an “exorcism and an energizing.” We ended the reunion with a discussion of the importance of becoming involved in local Democratic party politics and volunteering with organizations devoted to civil liberties, the rights of women, children, and the elderly, and issues concerning the environment and climate change.

What follows is a photo album of our symbolic exorcism….

(Photos by Sharron C.)

img_3110 Pokin’ N Roastin’/



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