EDR Dog Park (Continued)

Just a little update on the EDR dog park.

img_0660The dog park appears to be approximately an acre or s0 of flat, sandy ground with about a 10 foot chain-link fence all around the exterior.  There is an “unleashing/leashing up area” at the entrance. A bench and an assortment of pooper scoopers and bags are located on the far fence.  There is a goodly amount of space to throw balls and frisbees. Please be advised that there is NO separate small dog area.  Extra caution should be maintained if you own a small dog.  We were not aware of anyone monitoring the area while we were there.

(Note:  The rules are clearly posted in English. It might not be a bad idea to have these rules posted in Spanish, as well, since 1.) we are in Mexico and, 2.) we do get Spanish-speaking visitors to EDR.    It might also be helpful if the sign included a contact number.)

The rules read as follows:

  • This off-leash facility is maintained by volunteers–please scoop the poop and take the bag with you!
  • Use of this facility is at your and your pet’s own risk.
  • Dogs must be current with their vaccinations.
  • Aggressive dogs, females in heat or puppies under four months old are not allowed.
  • Owners must be with their dogs within this area at all times and are responsible for them.
  • Dogs should be leased when outside the enclosure.

Main Gate to Leash-Up Area


Main Gate to Leash-Up/Unleash Area


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