Many Injured at Mexico City Area Fireworks Market

An explosion at a fireworks market outside Mexico city has injured at least 60 people.The blast hit the San Pablito fireworks market, about 20 miles (32km) outside the city. Local media are reporting fatalities but officials declined to confirm this on the record.

Video from the scene showed smoke billowing from the area and blasts could be heard in the background.

Emergency services are attending the scene. 

The Mexico State Red Cross said 25 ambulances had been dispatched.

National Civil Protection Co-ordinator, Luis Felipe Puente, asked locals to avoid the area and keep the roads clear for emergency access.

He also said that despite media reports of fatalities, there was no “official information” about any deaths as a result of the explosion.

State governor Eruviel Avila said the top priority was to care for the injured, and officials had been dispatched to the scene.


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