Fuel Situation Update for SF


Sources say protestors may be blocking the access of distribution points to the fuel tankers. Therefore, making protests at the various individual gas stations redundant after they run out of gas.  It still remains unclear how long this protest will last.  My personal advice continues:  be safe and fill up with fuel now. Also, if you require any services that involve delivery to your home (water, Zgas, etc), do it NOW because it will effect them as well.  Just saying.

Gasolina Roja is now at approximately $4/gallon as compared with approximately $3.25 in December.


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  1. Our mail is delivered to the PO in Calexico and some packages may go to 237 Rockwood Ave, Calexico. Not sure if Pedro is now living in Mexicali, or still in Calexico, but since he picks up our mail, etc., in Calexico there is no reason he can not fill up while in Calexico. Since gasoline prices for some time have been considerably lower in Calexico, vs. the Baja it would seem likely he has been filling up in Calexico for some time. I have not heard of any gasoline shortages in Calexico, Ca.


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