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Monday, 1/9/2017, noon

Just returned from a run into town.  Forget trying to get fuel at the Saltito Pemex station.  All pumps there are closed.  The Ejido Pemex was running all pumps.  However, the line was six or seven deep on all pumps.  It is hard to tell how long that will last.  The Pemex just beyond Los Arcos and across from OXXO was totally closed.  Kip and Nell were going downtown and said they would report on that situation.  Kip said she had heard airport road Pemex was closed.

The water station around the corner from OXXO (just past Los Arcos) is open.  The Zgas propane main station is also open.  I ran into Cesar (delivery for Zgas) and he said they will continue to run until they run out of diesel for the trucks and propane to fill the trucks. He also said they would remain open to fill small, individual tanks until their station ran out of propane.

Sunrunner Mail said they would also be effected.  Their courier lives in Mexicali. Consequently, all depends on whether they are able to get fuel in Mexicali.

Businesses and restaurant owners I spoke with this morning say they will stay open until they run out of supplies or until employees and customers stop coming.

We can probably expect trash collection services to be suspended if this goes on very long.

As I write this, I hope everyone has made provisions for gas, water, propane and basic essentials. This protest over the gas price hike could last a day, a week, or a month.  Nevertheless, it never hurts to be prepared for the worst.  And, to check in with one another to be sure we are all holding up okay.

If anyone has any new information, you are encouraged to share it here or on our FB page.




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  1. I can’t imagine how a possible gasoline shortage in Mexicali could effect our mail service. “Sunrunner Mail said they would also be effected. Their courier lives in Mexicali. Consequently, all depends on whether they are able to get fuel in Mexicali.” I am not sure if Pedro lives in Mexicali, or Calexico, but our mail is delivered to the Calexico Post Office and packages at times to 237 Rockwood Ave, Calexico. I have not heard of any gasoline shortages in Calexico. I would guess he has been filling up in Calexico and has done so for some time since the gas prices have been much less in Calexico than they have been here in the Baja for some time..


    • That’s sort of what I thought, too, Patricia. But, the response sited here is straight from Karen this morning. We are awaiting a much needed Rx and are concerned that there will be a slow down in receiving it. And, she (Karen) basically said, it will be what it will be and they are a private company and not held to the same standards as the U.S. Post Office. To my surprise, I was led to believe that the courier does not cross the border into the States. This made no sense to me. But, who am I to argue. This is a good example of how we make assumptions about how businesses operate, and, our assumptions may not always be correct. ???


      • If this is true, then maybe that courier is no longer allowed to pick up at the PO. Think I will check in with Yet Mail in town. They “quit” this courier some time ago, but may get a second opinion on their courier service from Calexico to SF.

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  2. Linda, I did not doubt what came out of Karen’s mouth, though I did not feel the rationale for possibly discontinuing our service was correct and decided to dig a littler deeper into this matter.

    I called the Calexico Post Office, and spoke with Gina this AM (0805- x 0822) and was told that Pedro IS stilling picking up our mail. She spoke with her supervisor who confirmed this info while we were on the phone even though she’d seen him yesterday. In fact, at 8:10 Pedro was in their facility picking up mail for PO 9011.

    At 0832 I called Yet Mail in SF and spoke with Julia who said they are not having any disruptions with their mail service and do not anticipate problems. Yet mail has a woman who picks up their mail and transports it over the border (at least as of yesterday) and a courier picks it up from her and takes it to SF to Yet Mail. I asked how the courier from Mexicali gets it to SF without gas sales in Mexicali and she said that if his car does not work that he brings the mail down in the woman’s auto who can fill up in Calexico.

    It appears others (9011 mail recipient’s) have concerns about this as Julia said that a few others have come into their office asking about mail service with them and she believes they have the 9011 service and are concerned about continued mail service.

    As far as the statement about making “assumptions” , I did not appreciate that.. I went to the source. People who read these posts, if any, can make up their own mind, or decide what may actually be going on. This is not a suggestion, or my personal advice, but believe if enough people are aware of the facts and if 9011 suspends service and tells us they are doing so because of gas shortages in Mexicali…then they are in a position to rebut this info from 9011. People can call the Calexico PO at 760. 357. 2011 and Yet Mail at 577 1255 to verify the information, or the facts for themselves..


  3. Please do not misunderstand. I was not intending or suggesting in any fashion that Sunrunner was suspending service. I was gathering information as to what services MIGHT be effected by the gas shortage. It effects us personally because Lisbeth has critical medication that comes in via Sunrunner. They have always been 100% reliable in getting her medication here. That’s all.

    As to my remark about “assumptions,” it was not aimed specifically a you. Rather, I meant that often times I/people in general think things should operate one way, only to be surprised that they operate another way. I have stood in line at Sunrunner on many occasions and heard Americans say things like for example, “how come you are closed on such and such a day?” And, heard one of the Sunrunner people say (and, I’m paraphrasing…this is not necessarily a direct quote)…”We are a private business, not the USPS and as such do not have to follow their regulations.” This, believe it or not, this does surprise some people. So, that’s why I said what I said. It was not aimed at you.

    All of this aside. We have 45 loyal followers of this blog at present. And, after each post, as the administrator of the web site, I can see how many people actually saw the post or the comment. Women are reading the articles and the comments. So, thank you for providing our community with information pertaining to how the mail courier system works and numbers to contact. I’m certain it will be appreciated.


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