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Sisters at Gonzaga Bay
Hermanas del Desierto

This web site is by, for, and about lesbians living full and part-time on the Baja.  At present, it focuses on the women in and around San Felipe, BC, Mexico.  However, other lesbians living in other parts of the Baja are welcome to become forum members and to post their news.

Some recommended ideas for inclusion on this web site:

  • Announcements of upcoming events and parties
  • Reviews of restaurants and businesses on the Baja
  • Travel stories and photos (about the area) having to do with women in the area
  • Reports of news/events in the area
  • Requests for information about travel in the area
  • Requests for road information in the area
  • Items for sale  or items needed
  • Houses for rent or for sale

To post to this web site you must first become an “author.”  If you haven’t already been sent an invitation to become an author, please contact Linda.

This is a moderated list.  In other words, keep it nice and friendly. Thanks for your cooperation.

Your moderator,


  1. Stephanie McAfee

    We see you are having a luncheon at el balcon on 12/3. Recently my husband left his email address with Marcelino and it was incorrect. It is rsmcafee@sonic.net and he told him .com. Would you be willing to let Marcelino the correct address and tell him the mole was superb!
    Thanks in advance…
    Robert&Stephanie McAfee


  2. I just bought a place in South Campos and have been looking to connect with local lesbians. Looks like I may have just found one way. Please add me to this group. Julie aka Otter Spotter.


    • Welcome, Julie! Glad to have you joining us!
      This is a bit in advance, however, just an FYI that every year the women in Los Viajeros North and South (in El Dorado Ranch) host a Valentine’s Day Brunch. So, circle that date and plan on coming. There will be more information posted here as time grows closer. Then, in March we have a croquet competition between the two neighborhoods of LVS and LVN. So, there are a couple of events you can count on happening in the north campos area.


  3. Thanks for the Welcome and the info. I won’t be done there until May or early June so will have to put those events into ideas for next year! What is LV stand for?


  4. LV stands for Los Viajeros (the neighborhoods) in El Dorado Ranch parlance ..but, we have done a play on the initials. For us it stands for “Lesbian Village.” 🙂 LOL


  5. Hi Julie, We are also in El Dorado Ranch (EDR) Los Viajeros. We’re from Montana and love fishing. Which south campo are you in? hope to get a chance to meet you sometime. Maybe you should have a house warming party next season. We’ll be gone by the time you get here this spring. Carol & Jayna


  6. Thanks Carol & Jayna. I’m in Campo Sahuaro, at KM 32. I house warming is a good idea! Glad to meet you. Julie


  7. I was trying to get Lesbian in there and now you have done it!


  8. I’m not a lesbian (as far as I’m aware) but I love your website as it’s an excellent resource for those of us who love San Felipe. Thank you!


    • Thanks for the positive feedback, Mike. We strive to provide information that is relevant to our community. If there is a ripple effect into other communities, so much the better. 🙂 As you said, what we all have in common is our love of this very special place! Thank you again for taking the time to comment.


  9. De nada! 🙂


  10. Ola ~

    I just happened to find your site today and would like to join in…
    We’ve had our place since 1995 – South Campos, near community center.

    Please add me to the list ~ Muchas Gracias


  11. Hi All,
    We just returned from our place in South Campos ~ perfect weather and a nice trip.

    If anyone knows of a carpet cleaning service, please post.

    We have a generator, recently converted from gas to propane.

    Many thanks ~ Lin


  12. Margaret Reish Downing

    Please help us publicize the annual South Campos Art Tour, April 11th. Check out the new San Felipe South Campos Art Tour F/B page for continuously updated info. And — I would love to be an “author” for this site! You can learn more about my admittedly odd interests by reading my weekly column — posted on Tuesdays — in Kat’s Korner.


  13. Glad to find this site! Are you open to bi ladies, as well?


    • We have many followers: straight and LGBT, full-time or part-time on the Baja, and, from around the world. We welcome all of you to follow us on our web site.
      We also sponsor events in the San Felipe area. We believe in providing special space for women. Therefore, at this point in our development, these events are open to LBT and straight women. I hope this answers your question.


  14. Thank you for the response. So, hubbies are excluded, I take it??


    • If you are looking for activities in which you and your husband may participate together, there are a multitude in the San Felipe area that cater to straight couples. Las Hermanas, as the name implies–“The Sisters”–is for women only. And, we might add, our group is almost entirely women-identified women. We have created this organization because there are so few spaces in this world that are specifically for lesbians. Although we cover a wide variety of subjects on our web site, Las Hermanas events are by, for, and about women.


      • Understood. We think your doing a good thing. I just wish there was an org. for all people with alternative lifestyles here, in San Felipe. Thank you again. Carole


  15. Greetings to all from So California .
    Enjoyed visiting your site. You all certainly look like you know how to have fun!
    A special Birthday shout out to Caryn.
    Happy Birthday Caryn, I think of you often. I would love to hear from you!
    Best wishes to all!


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