General Gatherings

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2018-2019 Winter Season

December 16.  5:30 PM  Hotel El Cortez (AKA Barefoot Bar and Grill) 

Join us for “Filet Mignon” night at the Barefoot Bar and Grill.  $15 gets you a steak and fixin’s, a margarita and desert.  We’ve reserved a front row table with a view of the Sea of Cortez.  Nice area for pre dinner vaginatales (vs cocktails), should you like to come down early.  There is also a live band for those who wish to dance. Please share with other sisters not on our list.  See you there!


Circle the 9th of December on your calendars! Come prepared to “let it all go!” BYOB, BYOChair, and throw in some tapas if you feel so inclined to share with the group. Dress for outdoor late afternoon/early evening. Don’t forget a flashlight. Give some thought to what you would say to “president-elect” Trump…if you could get him to listen. 😉


GROUP PHOTO before the sun goes down which will be sent to Hillary Clinton with a thank you for her many years of service to women.

An RSVP would be nice…but, we know how schedules go down here.

Preguntas? 686-307-6138    Or, email:


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