Sports Activities

News and Information about TENNIS, PICKLE-BALL, GOLF, LAP SWIMMING, POOL ACTIVITIES, Etc.  Please email: if you would like to have an announcement added here.

EDR Pool Report for 2016-2017

Lap swimmers:  For whatever unexplained reasons, the pool is registering a not so pleasant 76 degrees.  Maintenance seems to be having a bit of a problem keeping up with keeping it warmer for us older lap swimmers.  Lisbeth has written to Roberto Islas and HOA Rep, Bob Miller to see what can be done to maintain consistent temps of 78 to 81 degrees.

Pickleball Report for 2016-2017
Contact Jayna & Carol for more info

Tennis Report for 2016-2017
Contact Patricia for more info

Croquet Tournament 2017
Susan will be updating us soon on more details of the LVN vs LVS tournie

Equestrian Report for 2016-2017
Check with Peggy or with Sharron for more information


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