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The Old Person Card means Discounts in Mexico


They call it la Tarjeta INAPAM.  I’ve been on the trail of this elusive Senior Citizen Discount Card all season.   It is available to people over 60 living in Mexico.  The card is FREE!  It provides discounts for travel, lodging, car registration & licensing, museums and more.  Some say you can get 50% off your property taxes too.   I have confirmed reports that bus fares are 50% off.  And Mexican buses can be a luxurious way to travel.

Initially, I was told I could get this card in San Felipe at the DIF office.  As it turns out there are at least 3 DIF offices.  Over a period of weeks I tracked each office down.  Each one sent me to another one.  I finally found the one that had formerly issued the cards.  They said they no longer did so.  I had to go to Mexicali to get one.   I figured if there were 3 or more DIF offices in San Felipe, Mexicali must have dozens.  So I gave it a rest and went camping.


Flash forward to this month, April 2015.  I planned a trip to Mexicali with friends to take care of other business.  One of my friends had just turned 60 and spoke fluent Spanish.  I mentioned the card to him and enlisted him in my quest for the Tarjeta INAPAM.


The overpass at El Faro is done.

Together we found it at the Mexicali Federal Palace at the Civic Center, very close to the Bull Fighting stadium.   I only mention the stadium because you can see it as you approach the parking spot.  Park at Sanborn’s across the street from the Civic Center.  Once there all you need is a resident Visa (either temporal or permanente) and a current utility bill with your address.  If you have an IMSS booklet, you should take that as well.  They take your photo in the office.  And, like Costco, print out a new card right there.


The process should only take about 10 minutes.  However in my case it took about a half hour.  Something was wrong with the camera-computer hook up, requiring a phone call to tech support in Mexico City.  Tech support remotely logged into the computer and set things straight.  During all this the office staff was cheerful & friendly.


I took their picture since they couldn’t take mine. We all laughed.

If you go, I remember park at Sanborn’s lot across the street from the Civic Center.  It’s 20 pesos for 2 hours.  Once parked, walk across the street at the light; then past the Pioneer Statue on your left.  Continue straight ahead to go between two buildings.  INAPAM office is in the building to your left, last office on the left.  If you have problems just ask in any of the other offices.  Did I say the card is FREE?


Walking through the Civic Center plaza heading toward the Sanborn parking lot after getting the cards

Edificio del Palacio Federal

Centro Cívico y Comercial de Mexicali

Planta Baja

Av Pioneros 1005

21000 Mexicali BC

32° 38.383′ N, 115° 28.450′ W


Open to public: M-F 8:00 – 3:00


Puertecitos Camping Trip Feb 2015

We meet at the Pemex at 8:00 am.  All rigs were filled to the brim with gear.  The day was perfect, as usual, and we made the 1 1/2 hour drive south to the pueblo of Puertecitos.  001

The camp hostess, Maria, greeted us as we entered the front gate.  They close it at 10 pm.  Camping was $20/night per vehicle.  The banos were nice and we camped overlooking the small bay.???????????????????????????????

Tents were set up, beds made and coolers deployed.  Some people went directly to the dock to toss an offering to the sea in hopes of catching the big one.  As is traditional, Masanee caught the first fish and it was a dandy trigger fish complete with significant teeth.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

The dogs found this event very interesting as well.???????????????????????????????

Then the hot springs were ready at about 2 hours before high tide, and we hopped in.  The beauty of the Sea of Cortez combined with the healing magical waters is not to be missed.  We loved it so much we came back 2 hrs. after high tide to try it again.  The sea splashed over the rocks to cool the otherwise too hot pools to just right.  One could move around to find warmer or cooler spots. ??????????????????????????????? The birders were rewarded with Frigates, Egrets, Boobies, Gulls and Herons.  Dolphins were seen and fish were jumping.  Speaking of fishing the fishers were well rewarded.  And everyone enjoyed the fish BBQ and tacos in the evening.  108???????????????????????????????

Some of the non-fishers just enjoyed the view from the dock.


There was earthing on the beach.


and we walked out into the once underwater part of the bay at low tide.???????????????????????????????

I can safely say a good time was had by all.


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