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What Happens When You Throw A Not Traditional Potluck and Everyone Comes

Tired of the traditional, same old, same old St. Paddy’s Day staple of corned beef and cabbage, Lynda and Sharron rooted around in their freezer and dug out a couple of turkeys they thought would do very nicely as a substitute. “That’ll work to replace the corned beef.  Now what’ll we do for the cabbage?” Inquired Lynda. “We’ll invite everyone from Las Hermanas over for a Turkey and Potluck Paddy Day!” Exclaimed Sharron.  And, so it came to pass that March 17th  Sharron and Lynda’s Paddy Potluck became an official “Keystone Event” for the baja sisters.

This year, twenty plus women attended the event.  Thanks to Sharron’s watchful eye and expertise with her Mexican oven, the turkey was perfect. The “potluck” was anything but from a pot or lucky to find.  No traditional throw-it-on-the-table chips and dip from this group!  We had everything from specially prepared appies to cheesy grits.  There was an awesome array of salads and veggies.  And, we topped it all off with heart stopping desserts.

The day couldn’t have been more beautiful.  Everyone sat around under L and S’s wonderful palapa and visited until we just couldn’t think of anything else to talk about. The consensus was that we should do it again.  Hope you’re prepared to have us back in 2020, S and L!!  Thanks for a great way to spend the day!


2nd Annual “Meg the Mallet” Challenge Cup Coming Up!

Time to clean and press you “best whites” for the second annual “Meg the Mallet” Croquet Challenge Cup to be held on Tuesday, March 12, 2019 on the EDR Pavillion Grounds!

Teams of two to three players can begin signing up for play ASAP either with your sister”hood” rep, in the comments on the Las Hermanas “Event” page, in the comments on this web site, or in an email to

Meg the Mallet killing it at the First SisterHOOD challenge

We will be awarding the “Meg the Mallet” trophy to the sister”hood” represented by the winning team. Susan L. will serve, once again, as overall referee and head official person.  It has been rumored that she is open for bribes on pole positions and on anything else that should come up during the games. It is suggested that sisters should be prepared with pesos.  We are still looking for an announcer (Dinah?? hint, hint….but, maybe you want to play this year?).

There will be a team check-in and rules and regulations meeting promptly at 10 a.m., followed by a few minutes of warm-up time.  Opening ceremony will begin at 10:30.  Games will follow immediately afterwards.

Bring your own lawn chair. As of Monday the 4th, weather prediction is high of 69 degrees with light winds.

Refreshments at no host bar available at the Pavillion.

The press corps


Hay Cafe Matinee, Coming Up!

Looking for something funky, different, sexy, and educational to do in March? Put a circle around Wednesday, March 20th!  Las Hermanas will host our first annual, private “Hay Cafe Matinee” at the Hay Cafe coffee shop in downtown San Felipe!

In honor of Women’s History Month, we will have a private showing of “The Girl King.”  “Set in the 17th century, this epic biopic charts the life of Sweden’s Queen Kristina, a visionary freethinker determined to modernize her homeland in the face of stiff resistence from conservative forces.  Meanwhile, she falls for her lady-in-waiting.”   😉  (1 hr. 42 min) 2015.


The cost of admission is 100p. or 5$.  Tickets will go on sale at the door at 1:30 pm on Wednesday, March 20th.  The movie will start–fairly promptly–at 2 pm. It is advisable to arrive early as seating is interesting and it takes a bit to accommodate for different coffee drinks.  Popcorn and a Coke, Coke Lite, canned juice or tea will cost 75p.  Coffee drinks (of all kinds), pastries, cakes, and bagels are also available for an additional cost. (If you want water, BYOB.)

There will be an optional discussion group following the movie for anyone who wants to stick around and have a chat and a coffee and/or desert before heading out for dinner.  🙂


Casa Digna Tour Brings Out LH Members

Last week, Las Hermanas was treated by Penny to a private tour of the Casa Digna housing project located just west of the Ejido north of San Felipe.  Casa Digna was founded by our sister and friend, Melody Ashley.  Her vision was to provide safe and secure housing for single moms and vulnerable families.  In a local economy that struggles to provide for even basic needs, this project will have enormous long range implications for the San Felipe area.  Similar in some respects to Habitat for Humanity, Casa Digna is based on a model that, in addition to providing low maintenance, dignified, in-kind-for-labor housing, would also create jobs and training while using readily available resources common to the area.  In this case, old, recycled tires and clay-based dirt and sand.

We were given a tour of the new office space on Highway 5 before proceeding west past the Ejido to the Casa Digna development.  Four houses have been completed–two tire houses and two are panel houses with tire fencing.  We had an opportunity to meet and talk with several moms who participated in the the “labor-for-home” exchange and who currently own houses in the neighborhood.  They graciously invited us into their homes.  The houses are two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a “great room” with kitchen, living and dining room sharing an open space.  They have septic and gravity feed fresh water cisterns.  Electricity to the neighborhood is still in the future. Currently they operate on propane for cooking and ice chests for keeping food cold.

The preliminary goal is to create forty-five homes centered around a common area that includes children’s parks, a sports park, a neighborhood center, library, and educational and cultural centers.  It is an enormous undertaking, but definitely one worth considering should you have any interest in issues and concerns of single moms and children. Anyone interested is encouraged to check out their web site:  Or, contact their executive director, Sarah, at: Any and all assistance is welcome.

Thanks again, Penny, Melody, Sarah and Karina for the education and the opportunity to share in this venture!

Video of tour follows:


2019 V-Day Brunch Marks 10th Anniversary and Introduction of LH Board of Reps

More than ten years ago, Jan and Carol from EDR-Los Viajeros South “sister-hood” began a tradition of getting all of us together around special holidays.  One of those holidays was Valentine’s Day.  Everyone looked forward to gathering at their place for brunch, mimosas, and a chance to catch up with each other.

As often happens in snowbird 55+ communities, Jan and Carol’s lives changed and they decided to settle down in Arizona, rather than continue to make the trek every winter to San Felipe.  Not wanting to discontinue the get-together tradition J&C had started, the lesbians from LVS (AKA “lesbian village”) and LVN (AKA “lesbian lane”) picked up the proverbial baton and continued the Valentine’s Day custom of getting together.

This year marked the tenth anniversary of the move from J&C’s place in LVS to Lisbeth and Cal’s place in LVN.  Since the move, all of the sister-hoods have added their own twist to the traditional bacon and egg dishes of the past. Dinah, from La Ventana del Mar, can be counted on for her “cheesy grits;” Liz & Kathy, representing LVS and LVN, created a mean, but healthy, fruit salad; Julie, representing the South Campos, introduced us to a genuine Sicilian lasagna; and, Sharron and Susan, from LVN, provided their amazing BB Caesars and Mama S’s Mimosas.

Eating, drinking and visiting make up a big part of why we get together.  Through the years, however, we’ve also tried our hand (or, knees) at flash mob dancing a-la-Eve Winslow of Vagina Monologue fame.  We’ve raised awareness regarding, and fund raised for, several local causes including: VIVA, the Equestrian Center’s horse rescue service, and the local community hospital. This year, we will be supporting the Las Amigas program that provides for the education of a local young lady from the area.  All in all, the annual Las Hermanas V-Day brunches never fail to provide a sense of community, instruction, and good eats and drinks.

As the years have gone by, we have seen lots of changes to our community and to the membership.  Some women have elected to make SF a permanent home, while others have lengthened (or, shortened) their winter snowbird stays.  We have also experienced sad and unfortunate losses to our community as we all age.  Through it all, however, there is a sense of immutable consistency. There always remains a core to carry on the traditions and to tell the stories of our community.  This recognition of permanence has, I believe led to the desire by some to create a more structured organization; one that represents the many faces of who we are; one that can pull us together around a variety of events, occasions and purposes.

This year, with twenty-five women present at the brunch, it was suggested that we create a Las Hermanas Board comprised of representatives from the various sisterhoods in the San Felipe area.  This move marks an herstoric juncture for us. We have always been a strong, but informal, presence in the SF area.  This has been what has attracted so many to come and to remain in our area. But, now, there appears to be a need to create more avenues for us to network and to get together.  To do this will require a more formalized operating structure.  It is hoped that this newly formed Board will provide the mechanism with which to move to another level of community.

The first meeting of the LH Board will be February 27, at 11 a.m. at the Road Runner Grill.  The following sisters have volunteered to represent their hoods: ( NOTE: If your area is not represented, and you would like to volunteer to be on the Board, please let Cal know before February 27.)

  • Masanee (EDR, Palos Verdes South)
  • Alice (EDR, Palos Verdes South)
  • Judy (EDR, Palos Verdes North)
  • Liz (EDR, Los Viajeros North & South)
  • Cal (EDR, Los Viajeros North)
  • Tricia (La Ventana del Mar)
  • Julie (South Campos, Campo Sahuaro)
  • Gloria (North Campos, Campo Ocotillo)

If your name is not on the list, and, you wanted to be included, please let Cal know in the comments below or, in the comments on Las Hermanas FB group page.  Thanks and sorry if we missed you!

We look forward to seeing what good things this new move brings for our community!

10th LVS/LVN Annual V-Day Brunch

This is just a quick reminder that this Thursday marks the 10th anniversary of the Las Hermanas V-Day Brunch as sponsored by the LVS and LVN sister-hoods from EDR.

Festivities will begin around 9:30-ish and end around 2-ish, and, will be held at at Crones’ Cove (Casa de las Tortugas Viejas) in EDR, Los Viajeros Norte off of Road 23.  (For specific directions, please refer to the FB Las Hermanas del Desierto group page.)

In addition to the usual great breakfast offerings, come prepared to sample other delectable delights representing several other “sister-hoods” in the area(La Ventana, Vista del Sol, and Campo Sahuaro).  LVS’s Sharron and Susan will be back to amaze us with their one of a kind beverages—from Canadian Butch Beaver Caesars to California Ay, Ay Mama Mia Mimosas.  Everyone is guaranteed to find something to kick start their morning! (Coffee and water are also provided.  If you want something else, BYOB…or, Bring Your Own, Baby.

The weather this year looks to be unseasonably cooler than in years past, with lows in the mid 50s to start and ending in the 70s.  It will be cloudy, but no wind.  Dress accordingly.  Layers are always a good bet in the desert this time of year.

We have lots of chairs. However, if you have a favorite camping chair, and its easy to stash in your vehicle, bring it just in case.

If you do NOT own property at EDR or La Ventana, you will need a pass to get on The Ranch.  Please let us know ASAP if this is something you need us to arrange for you.  Please contact us:  US Cell:  970-213-1328  or Mex Cell: 686-307-6138 or EVEN better: Face Book private message or Email: Please use aforementioned contact info for any other questions.

This year’s agenda will include the following:

  • Eating
  • Drinking
  • Visiting
  • Discussion Item 1: Creating a “Sister-hood” representative board
  • Discussion Item 2:  Long-term sponsorship of a local girl through middle school (in conjunction with Las Amigas program)
  • Announcement 1:  Liz Gonzales’ awesome Valentine’s Day massage special offer.
  • Announcement 2: Next Las Hermanas event(s) possibilities:  Hay Cafe private movie showing, Galeria Milan for lunch or dinner, Villa Marina for lunch or dinner, croquet tournament, softball game, podcast club, other?
  • Announcement 3: Any other announcements???
  • Activity:  (Surprise) Face Time Call to a special person who could not join us this year
  • Activity:  Annual group photo

If you have not signed up to follow this web site, PLEASE do so now.  If you are on FB, please LIKE the Las Hermanas del Desierto group page.  Doing both of these things will ensure that you are kept in the loop.  We will no longer be sending out individual email notices.

Look forward to seeing everyone this Thursday, February 14!



Sign-Making Meeting For SF Women’s Solidarity Rally

There will be a brief meeting to connect and create signs for the SF Women’s March solidarity rally Saturday, January 13 at 2-3 p.m. at the Road Runner Cafe.  Come with ideas.  Bring poster board and magic markers, if you have them.  If not, they will be available.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call: 686-307-6138, or, comment below.

Las Hermanas Valentine’s Day Brunch Reminder

Just a quick reminder that Tuesday, February 14 is the annual Las Hermanas Valentine’s Day Brunch.  Start time is 9:30 a.m.  Same place as always:  Crones’ Cove, EDR, Los Viajeros Norte, #31-13 off of Rd 23.  Bring yourselves and your appetite.  Sharron will be tending the Bloody Baja Bar.  If that’s not your cup of tea…bring your own tea. heart Get in touch with one of the gals from LVS or LVN if you have any questions.



This year we will be selling RAFFLE TICKETS to help support the new HOSPITAL that is underway in LOS ARCOS area.  Tickets are $5 or 100p each.  We hope that everyone will plan on purchasing at least one ticket for the cause.  Prizes are HUGELY terrific.  Probably the best prizes on the Baja.  Many, many people will tell you that they are.
You will be so happy if you win one off these prizes:

A gas stove (perfect for a solar casita),

A low-energy electric refrigerator (perfect for a solar casita),

A low-energy television set (perfect for a solar casita).




😉 Please help the women of the Los Arcos area by supporting this cause.


LVS & LVN Host Valentine’s Day Brunch

rainbow-valentine2Set your sites on  Tuesday, February 14!  The sisters of LVS and LVN will, once again, bring you a morning of good food and camaraderie to celebrate V-Day! Start time is 9:30 a.m.  Same place as always:  Crones’ Cove, EDR, Los Viajeros Norte, #31-13 off of Rd 23.  Bring yourselves and your appetite.  Lynda and Sharron will host the “Bloody Baja” table, so, if that’s not your cup of tea…bring your own tea. heart Get in touch with one of the gals from LVS or LVN if you have any questions.

PS Some gals have indicated that they want to contribute something to the feast.  If you have something special you would like to prepare, great!  But, if not, no worries!  Just bring yourself!

Donations– This year we will be taking donations to go toward the San Felipe International Hospital.  Local sources report that six women from the Los Arcos area died in childbirth last year because of insufficient local medical care.

Mark Your Calendars for TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 14! 



Not Bannon

Postcard Avalanche To Oppose Steve Bannon Is Scheduled For 11/26; Here’s How To Participate

A group of activists are planning to deluge Trump Tower with an “avalanche of postcards” opposing the appointment of white supremacist Steve Bannon as Chief Strategist.  
From the “Postcard Avalanche” Facebook page:
** IMPORTANT – Don’t mail your card until NOV. 26th **
1. Get a postcard from your state – any picture that represents your state.
2. In the message section, write this simple message: NOT BANNON!
3. Sign your name if you wish
4. Address it as follows: Donald Trump
c/o The Trump Organization

725 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10022

5. Affix a stamp – you can use a 35 cent postcard stamp, or a normal letter stamp.
6. Take a picture of your postcard that you can share on social media on Nov. 26-28th
7. Drop it in the mail between Saturday, Nov 26th and Monday, Nov. 28th to create a concentrated avalanche of postcards. 

8. On Nov. 26-28th, Tweet and share the heck out of your photo using the hashtags #postcardavalanche #stopbannon
Isn’t it a great image, the denizens of Trump Tower slip sliding on postcards, and then wading ankle deep, and then knee high…

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