Road Conditions

Road Conditions on the Baja–for 2016- 2017 Fall & Winter Season

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Drive Safely Gals!

US Border to San Felipe

**Conditions November 2016:  Highway 5 South from the Border at Mexicali

Coming in at the East Gate (New Border Crossing).  Conditions couldn’t be better.  The improvements through Mexicali have cut times in half.  No more huge pot holes and construction areas.  South of Mexicali on highway 5, the conditions continue to be good, although some sections are beginning to show some wear from the increased semi traffic going on through Gonzaga and over to highway 1.  Most are reporting they can make it to KM marker 176 in approximately 2 1/2 to 3 hours by car easily.  One word of caution.  Watch for wind reports before heading out headed north or headed south. The section through the flats is prone to severe sandstorms.  Several have reported slowing to a dangerously slow crawl because of visibility and because of fish tailing through the deep sand.

**Conditions on 11-11-2013: Heading south from the border

Beginning at approximately kilometer marker 69, expect about 25 to 30 miles of construction.  Word has it that the five new culverts put in a couple of years ago were wiped out in this year’s massive rain storm.  Consequently, five new and improved bridges will soon span the washes.   The detours around each of these construction projects is short (approximately 1/4 mile each), but tedious.  Motor Homes be advised to take it slow.  This construction ends approximately kilometer marker 80.

Just when you think there won’t be anymore construction, watch out.  The construction work through the hills as you come off of the sand flats has begun.  It is poorly marked.  Road is narrow in spots, and the flagmen, although they possess a raggedy flag, aren’t particularly trained at their job.  Proceed with utmost caution, especially if you are in a motor home or towing a trailer.

As always, night driving is not advised.  Sun is setting, currently, around 4:30 pm.

San Felipe to Gonzaga Bay and Highway One


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