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Las Hermanas Valentine’s Day Brunch Reminder

Just a quick reminder that Tuesday, February 14 is the annual Las Hermanas Valentine’s Day Brunch.  Start time is 9:30 a.m.  Same place as always:  Crones’ Cove, EDR, Los Viajeros Norte, #31-13 off of Rd 23.  Bring yourselves and your appetite.  Sharron will be tending the Bloody Baja Bar.  If that’s not your cup of tea…bring your own tea. heart Get in touch with one of the gals from LVS or LVN if you have any questions.



This year we will be selling RAFFLE TICKETS to help support the new HOSPITAL that is underway in LOS ARCOS area.  Tickets are $5 or 100p each.  We hope that everyone will plan on purchasing at least one ticket for the cause.  Prizes are HUGELY terrific.  Probably the best prizes on the Baja.  Many, many people will tell you that they are.
You will be so happy if you win one off these prizes:

A gas stove (perfect for a solar casita),

A low-energy electric refrigerator (perfect for a solar casita),

A low-energy television set (perfect for a solar casita).




😉 Please help the women of the Los Arcos area by supporting this cause.



LVS Wins LVCA Croquet Finals In Surprise Finish

Team LVS, 2014 Winners of the LVCA Croquet Finals, beam triumphantly during the LVCA anthem

Two hours of grueling cunning and patience brought both teams–LVS and LVN–down to the wire with only two balls left on the field. The incredible battle left no doubt in any of the fans’ minds that they were being treated to some of the most entertaining croquet they would ever witness in their life time.  In the end, an ill-timed move by LVN took the final LVN ball spinning out of control and into the final post, sealing the fate of the game in LVS’s favor.

LVN Team Captain, Liz F. warming up before the event

LVN Team Captain, Liz F. warming up before the event

“I can’t believe the enormous impact that sand has on controlling the course of the ball,” said dejected LVN player, Linda W..  “I keep replaying the move over and over again in my head! It’s going to haunt me for a long time.” Meanwhile, on the other side of the field, Meg “Mallot” Monty was still looking for her croquet ball.

“We fielded a fairly young and inexperienced team this year,” said LVN Coach Carol C.. “They haven’t had the chance to participate at this level of competition before. So, I have to say, I was really impressed with what I saw happening out there!”  LVN Sidewinder Captain, Liz F. echoed her coach’s sentiment and added, “We learned so much about ourselves and each other today!  It was an AMAZING experience! That trophy’s coming home to our den next year! SSSSsssss Watch out LVS!”

Accepting the coveted LVCA trophy, winning team LVS Captain, Lynda C. said, through tearful eyes, “I’m so darned proud of our team! I’m just so darned proud!”

Other awards given:

  • Last Player Out on the Losing Team: Linda W.
  • First Player Through the Wickets: Jayna H.
  • First Player Knocked Out: Kathy C.
2014 LVCA Course Director, Susan L. describing the course

2014 LVCA Course Director, Susan L. describing the course

This year’s Course Director, Susan L., summed the day up when she said, “I was impressed with both teams.  Despite enormous heckling, jeering and unprecedented enthusiasm from the fans, both teams kept their cool and performed like professionals.”

A victory fish stew bash followed at the elegant Los Vagabundos Club House.

(Photos: Courtesy Sharron C)




LVN 2014 Team runners up in the LCVA Finals

Team LVN SideWinders. 2014 runners up in the LVCA Finals. Showing their fangs….and, their accordian.




The Press Corps: Peggy L and Dinah L. We still have not validated their credentials.

trp-cons14president at post500x

LVS Team Captain AND President of the LVCA (how exactly does that work,Lynda?) starting her round.


Opening parade. LVN Sidewinders in full musical style with orchestra leader on the accordian, Kathy “Cappy” C. (yes, you read that one correctly…) You’ve not lived until you’ve heard the Olympic March played on the accordian.

Third Annual LVN vs. LVS Croquet Match-Up

croquet2This Saturday, March 22, LVS will square-off against LVN in the 3rd annual LVCA tournament.  This year LVS will host the event at the Las Vagabundas field. Festivities will get going at 4 p.m. with the parade of teams.  The parade will be followed by an introductory remark from the LVCA President, Lynda C., and, this year’s Course Director, Susan L..  Play will get under way at 4:10 p.m.  The excitement will conclude with the presentation of the traveling mug…uh, trophy… at 5 p.m. Spectators are welcome and encouraged to come and root for their favorite team. BYOLC and BYOB as there will not be any vendors this year.  

Kroket L_L lidi CB_l_0002 LVS and LVN contestants are invited to stay for the festivities that follow. 

[This is an officially sanctioned LVCA event]

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